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Discover Arkansas: Mount Magazine – Paris, Arkansas

{Mount Magazine Lodge: views from our balcony were just breathtaking. I could have sat here all day!} {But we decided to get a drink at the restaurant … I really could have sat here all day!} {Gorgeous wedding in Blue Mountain – congrats Kelsey and Kyle! <3} {Good morning, Arkansas – you sure are stunning.} {We […]

Aldermans Go Global: Paris

D A Y  1 [Arrived in Paris to a beautiful day and another adorable (Rick Steve’s recommended) hotel – Hotel Des Grandes Ecoles. This was the cobblestone pathway that led to the hotel behind closed doors from the street, and the adorable patio/garden where everyone sat and drank wine every afternoon. To say I could […]

Book Reviews: The Dreamers, The Sisters + The Photographers

The Dreamers – Karen Thompson Walker: As someone who loves all things related to sleeping/dreaming, this book fascinated me. An ordinary town is transformed by a mysterious illness that triggers perpetual sleep. Though a little repetitive in the middle, this unique story kept me quickly reading to solve the mystery. Grade: A The Winter Sister – […]

Vacation Picturebook: Philadelphia

W E D N E S D A Y  [loved our hotel: Kimpton Palomar at Rittenhouse Square!] [late lunch at Parc – the most adorable Parisian cafe on the square] [walked around Rittenhouse Square on the most adorable little streets, then wound up in this bookstore that printed classic books right in front of us! […]

Book Reviews: Sweet Lies, Sweet Love + Sweet Lights

Sweet Little Lies – Caz Frear: This felt like a typical English detective novel, which if you’re into those, great. If you’re not, it might take you a while to get into, like me. The writing was different, more harsh perhaps? and hard to follow some of the dialect. The characters were not instantly relatable, but […]

Do it for you.

I made a commitment to myself. I made a commitment to myself to ride the Peloton 10 days in a row. Here’s why I decided to do it, and how I stuck with it. I’ve already blogged my praise of the book, Girl Wash Your Face. But there’s one chapter that has really stuck with […]

Book Reviews: Crazy Asians, Crazy Ladies + Crazy Mobsters

Manhattan Beach – Jennifer Egan: What a unique book this was. And I say that meaning – I’m not quite sure what I thought of it, but on some level I enjoyed it. The setting is one of my favorites (New York) and the female lead is a badass woman who’s determined to be the first […]

Aldermans Go Global: Italy, Part 1 (Rome + Tuscany)

R O M E Day 1 [First stop in Italy – pistachio gelato – amazing, of course] [Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and a lot of walking around cute streets] [Incredible first meal at Cul de Sac – voted best lasagna + proscuitto and melon on the trip] [Stumbled upon the famous Giolitti … so of course […]

Book Reviews: Mermaids, Macarons + TV Moms

  Mermaids in Paradise – Lydia Millet: This book is funny and spunky and totally surprised me with how enjoyable it was. I’ve always loved anything mermaids so when I heard about this one (a couple honeymooning in the Caribbean stumbles upon mermaids) it sounded right up my alley. It’s a little weird/sci-fi-ish, but still a […]

For the love of food

“Food and music have the ability to bring back memories long forgotten. I’ll take a double order of both.” -Krayl Funch   I love food. I can never understand people who eat purely for calories/nourishment and not for the pure joy of eating. Yes, gluttony is a sin, and I’m working on not overeating and eating […]