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La technologie, au revoir!

I would consider myself a very technologically savvy person. I own an iPhone that serves as my phone (rarely), text messaging device (always), email-checker (constantly), iPod, internet source and gaming console. My current journalistic pursuits revolve heavily around a computer.  Sadly, I would say that I spend at least 50 percent of my day in front of my trust-worthy, bestie Mac.

But it is now time to challenge myself. Now to some of you this might sound ridiculous and too easy, but trust me, for me, it won’t be. While I’m on vacation in Florida with the bf and family, I will not check my email or Facebook or Twitter once. I will text and call while I’m away to keep in touch with a few roomies precious to my heart (and see how the dogs are doing), but not nearly as much as usual. I want to cleanse my soul from the technology that so easily ensnares me. I don’t want to worry about all of my emails piling up- I don’t need to know any of it (I did perhaps set an automated vacation response, which I have never done before, and felt extremely professional doing so). I will be in a sunny, beautiful, magical (HARRY POTTER WORLD HERE I COME!) place with wonderful people I love and I don’t want to waste a single minute of it.

I asked the bf to come up with a reward for me if I make it the six days. He said that if I didn’t make it, I just couldn’t shop anymore while we were there (he knows me too well).

So, wish me good luck, and adieu!

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  1. I have a suggestion to add to the au revoir to your phone: au revoir to diet coke, bonjour green tea! There are so many reasons why green tea is good for you. Let me tell them to you: 1. It speeds up your metabolism 2. It prevents diseases 3. It helps relieve body aches and pains (such as headaches) 4. It is full of vitamins 5………

    July 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm

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