everyday inspiration

Sit. Breathe. Enjoy.

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you’re going nonstop? Nonstop 8-5, nonstop after 5, nonstop for as long as you can see in the foreseeable future? We’ve had one of those weeks and they can be so draining. (We haven’t even caught up on Revenge for goodness sake!) In honor of this week and many more to come for us and you, I’ve compiled a few tidbits be they interesting, funny, enlightening, heart-warming,

because sometimes you just need to sit. breathe. enjoy.


Rules to New Girl’s True American

Must watch for anyone who uses Instagram

Giving up gluten for Lent & this article solidifies why – NYT

Big Bang Theory Flash Mob

Binge -TV watch much? Yes.

Cute puppies.

Oscar party menu inspiration.

Keeping up with New York Fashion Week here.

14 hotel restaurant views worth dining for.

xo xo

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