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10 Favorite High School Memories


I remember it like it was yesterday. The nerves we would trip on stage, the excitement we were free. The tears for friends moving far away, the laughter while sharing one last summer together.

As I watched my sister-in-law graduate from high school yesterday, all I could think about was my four years at BHS.  I met my future husband while there. I found my passion for theater. I became close with an incredible group of girls. I loved high school.

So in honor of Tori’s graduation, I got nostalgic looking at old pictures and wanted to share 10 of my favorite high school memories.

* * *


1. For one night only, we were Bentonville’s Next Top Models.


2. My first concert and “road trip” without my parents and we wound up meeting both bands we saw – Brand New and Dashboard Confessional. [Pictured with Chris Carrabba, lead singer of Dashboard.]


3. High school would not have been the same without theater. Most challenging role – Wicked Witch, The Wizard of Oz. Most fun – dancer in Footloose, pictured.


4. Husband and I went to three proms together. As we were reminiscing this weekend, we decided my Junior year was our favorite. Love these beautiful ladies.


5. Snow Days. You can read my thoughts on that topic here.


6. Through my church I got involved in this little thing called LYO. Little did I know the few weekends we got together every couple months would be some of the most random and most fun I’d ever have.


7. Road trip to Ft. Smith for a BHS football game. Bathroom stop at Chester, population 99 = unforgettable.


8. Top 3 in Miss BHS. Loved every second of this opportunity.


9. Powderpuff football game. As much fun as I had, this solidified the reason why I never played sports.


10. And of course, our senior trip to Panama City. Still in my top best trips ever taken. I’ll never forget these girls!

xo xo

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