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10 Truths About Aquarians {aka me}


Sometimes you don’t realize things about yourself until you follow @AboutAquarius on Twitter.
Enjoy. xo

1. Aquarians are quiet around a crowd of people just so they can study people’s ways and actions.

2. Just because an Aquarius is nice doesn’t mean they trust you.

3. Aquarius are hypersensitive about not being liked or worse taken for granted.

4. Know that an Aquarius can sometimes act over confident and bossy.

5. No matter how deeply in love an Aquarius is, they will never sacrifice their independence.

6. Because an Aquarius is friendly with everyone, it can be confusing to figure out whether they like you or not.

7. An Aquarius gets very anxious by the thought of being sleep-deprived.

8. Hugging an emotional Aquarius will only make them cry.

9. Always seek an Aquarius for advice. Because they love giving advice, it’s always wholehearted and wholesome.

10. An Aquarius seems shy in the beginning, and then they get crazy when they’re comfortable with you.

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