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Observations on Working From Home {Snow Day Edition}

The impending snowpocalypse arrived. Boy, were the weathermen right for once. Last time I measured, we had 8″ of snow in the backyard and it was still coming down. Husband and I have been working from home (wahh, waahhh) since we are unsure if we could make it down the hill from our house, let alone if there’s even still life out there. Oh wait, of course there is, I’ve seen every single person posting a picture of their backyard on Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve worked from home before, due to bad weather, sickness or just because, but never for two days in a row, and never without the option of leaving the house if I wanted to. As our second day at home and hopefully last (I HAVE to get out tomorrow so I can plan for my Christmas party for next week!!) I’ve learned a few things about WFH.


1. If you have a lot of pressing work to do, you can easily focus with less distractions than at work.
If you don’t have a lot of pressing work to do, nearly everything in the house is a distraction.

2. For the most part, you will eat healthier (depending on the food in your house.) But you will also eat more, because the kitchen is five steps away.

3. Sitting on your couch, in your PJs, drinking coffee from your favorite mug is so much better than sitting at a desk, in uncomfortable pants & blazer, drinking breakroom coffee from a paper cup.

4. Day 2 is not nearly as exciting as Day 1.

5. The dog is and always will be a distraction. Especially one that wants to be in your lap at all times.

6. Morning talk shows are where it’s at. Quite literally meaning, that’s where I wish I was. Sit around drinking wine, interviewing celebs and gossiping all morning. NBC, how about Hoda and Mille D???

7. You can get so much more done – the laundry, the dishes, walking the dog – oh and actual work, too.

8. You will miss your co-workers in a weird way. Your husband just doesn’t quite understand like they do.

9. You don’t have to shower, or fix your hair, or do your makeup, or get out of your pj’s for that matter. You do have to brush your teeth, because that’s just bad hygiene.

10. That extra hour and a half you get to sleep in is totally worth it.

11. When the clock hits 5pm, it’s a lot easier to just walk over to the fridge and grab a beer.

xo xo

2 responses

  1. Mom

    Hoda & Mille Davis – YES!

    December 6, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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