everyday inspiration

weekend update [golden birthday party prep]

F R I D A Y  N I G H T: 

a satisfied craving [loaded baked potato]

2+ hours of a brilliant, moving film [boyhood]

an evening of pure RELAXATION on the couch with my boys


S A T U R D A Y:

[golden birthday party errand #1] cake dreaming + ordering with mom

[golden birthday celebration #1] mexican brunch (complete with sparkling margaritas and hilarious recounts of our separate, but both ridiculous new years eves) + pedicures with my girl S who unfortunately will be out of town for the golden birthday party

starbucks stop with husband for flat white + iced coffee [fuel]

[golden birthday party errand #2] my favorite employer: walmart for glitter, glue, frames + more

[golden birthday party errand #3] guess who for drink pricing (and drinks)

pizza, wine + 30 rock after a full day of errands


S U N D A Y:

[recharged] via serving coffee with a smile + worshipping at church

learned the background of piri piri chicken [while eating it] and deciding it’s our new favorite food

[golden birthday party errand #4] home depot for tools + things we know nothing about to mount things we bought at ikea we know nothing about

glitter + gold spray paint + wine bottles + mason jars and 3 pinterest projects later [golden birthday DIY complete]

hours [literal hours] realizing we are not the handy type [with said things from home depot], but figuring it out anyway and being so satisfied with husband’s job well done

breathing a collective sigh of relief that house projects + golden birthday projects are complete for now

sitting on our front porch [in the 60 degree weather! in january!] drinking a beer, watching the sunset + realizing how truly thankful we are for it all

xo xo

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