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Book Reviews: From Gossip Girl to South Africa

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 5.47.11 PMReconstructing Amelia – Remember when I wrote about wanting to read this book last time? Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl – and it did not disappoint. Though it didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat quite as much as Gone Girl and it wasn’t nearly as chic & conniving as Gossip Girl, it was somewhere happily in the middle and kept me thoroughly entertained.
Grade: A-

Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse – One TwentySomething’s (Mostly Failed) Attempts at Adulthood – Fact about me: If I’m not completely engaged in a book, I won’t finish it. I just feel like it’s such a waste of my time if I’m not really enjoying what I’m reading.  All that to say, I did not finish this book. Maybe I had too high of hopes, thinking it was going to be the next Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey book (both of which I adored). It does have some similarities and I definitely could relate to some of it, but it was too long-winded with not quite enough wit to keep me reading. If you’re interested, stick with her blog: The Frenemy, but save your time with the book. {Though I did blog about her Advice for TwentySomethings, Post-College, which you should read}
Grade: N/A*

Soul Detox – I’m reading this book with a group of women at work and so far it has been amazing. The book examines the toxins that assault us daily including: toxic influences, toxic emotions, and toxic behaviors. It really forces you to dig deep and examine the toxins you personally deal with, how to deal with them and how to remain clean, pure and focused on God. Our group has had great conversation so far around the book and I’m looking forward to continuing it.
Grade: N/A*

The Power of One – This is next on my list and I hope to start it soon. Husband actually got this book as a gift for his birthday, but I’m stealing it while he’s reading Game of Thrones. In 1939, as Hitler casts his enormous, cruel shadow across the world, the seeds of apartheid take root in South Africa. There, a boy called Peekay is born. His childhood is marked by humiliation and abandonment, yet he vows to survive and conceives heroic dreams–which are nothing compared to what life actually has in store for him. He embarks on an epic journey through a land of tribal superstition and modern prejudice where he will learn the power of words, the power to transform lives, and the power of one. I love inspirational stories and I have a heart for South Africa, so I’m pretty excited. Review to come next time.

*didn’t finish book

* * *

I’m headed off to Dallas for a few days for work {and a little play}. See you in a few! xo

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Advice for TwentySomethings, Post-College

I just finished reading Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse – One TwentySomething’s (Mostly Failed) Attempts at Adulthood by Alida Nugent. I’ll save my full critique for my next book review, but I wanted to share a snippet of Nugent’s “commencement speech” to fellow grads. I graduated a little over two years ago, but I think this is even more applicable to me now. It’s a little lengthy, but I promise it’s worth the read.

Constantly try to do better. Push yourself to do better than you did the day before. I’m telling you this because there are certainly going to be times when your’e not going to want to do better; you might not want to do anything but sulk. You think it was bad when you were pulling all-nighters in college? Don’t worry, it gets worse.

Don’t become stagnant – even if you’re working at a fry station, the worst thing you can do with your life now is to become stagnant in it. Nobody is telling you what to do anymore – you are your own teacher, your own boss, your own captain. You have to constantly push yourself to get better, or else you will get stuck. You are too smart and too bright and spent too much money at this school to get stuck. Do better. Become a mental athlete. Push yourself so much its sickening. Stagnant water is full of mosquitoes, remember that.

The next couple of years are going to be the best, most alive of your life. Now, I know they said this when you were graduating high school, and then they said it about the college years, but I think that is because life is always getting better. Really, the postcollege years will be some of the most fun you’ll ever have.

You’ll find people, friends, and family who you stick with not because you are in the same classes, but because you want these people to be your buddies in combat. They will meet you for lunch when you’re worried about having HPV or getting fired. They will be your lifeboat, your 2am phone call, your “I like you because understand me and not because we are in Lit 101 together.”

You will lose touch with people you thought you wouldn’t, watch from a distance while these people get married, gain weight, lose weight, move across the country, and get new sets of friends you will never meet. But you will look at your pictures of them and remember the nights you drank too much rum with them and you will enjoy those moments immensely. You will know what it is like to experience true nostalgia. It will not be a bittersweet kind of thing, because you know that it’s not as much growing apart as it is growing up.

There will be successes, and failures, and a lot of good and bad things. You will watch yourself and the people you choose to be with fall in love and get married, get jobs, get fired, get a terrible tattoo, have babies, get sick, get better, get worse, lose parents, grow older, grow smarter. Things will flash forward, pass before your eyes like the lights at a terrible nightclub.

You will feel more alive now than ever before, this I promise you. Grab this time before it goes away.
xo xo