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life lately

A little pre- and a little post- vacation, here are some photos of my life lately.

IMG_0991{enjoying this || time with family for Mother’s Day}


{working this || bentonville film festival with bexx}


{obsessing over this || peonies, peonies, oh how I love peonies}


{celebrating this || adorable guy at his first birthday}


{yelling this || “who’s number 1? the customer! always!” at Walmart Shareholders}


{drinking this || lots and lots of beer at our 4th annual fayetteville foamfest}

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life lately {shareholders edition}

Oh, brother. These past two weeks have been quite a doozy.

As most of you (who live in nwa) know, the beginning of June means Walmart’s Annual Shareholders Meeting aka tens of thousands of people envelop the area, celebs walking the streets (Tom Cruise was on the Bentonville Square !!!) and just all around very very busy. As some of you know, I had a very interesting part in Shareholders this year. I currently manage our Walmart Mom Blogger program. We invite these bloggers to Shareholders every year to experience the event, meet with marketers, merchants, suppliers and get inspired to blog about Walmart. I managed their entire trip (and was with them) from breakfast to dinner, 4 days and 3 nights.

It was the most physically and mentally exhausted I’ve probably ever been in my life, but it was also fabulous. I loved the event planning aspect and loved getting to know these Moms I’ve been corresponding with for the past 7 months. Overall it was an amazing week, but it left me pooped! Hence, why I’m just now getting around to blogging. Anyway, enjoy a few photos from my life lately.

IMG_7046 IMG_0417{Pre-Shareholders I got to enjoy a BEAUTIFUL wedding of two dear friends. It always makes me so happy to see a wedding full of so much love, joy and inspiration. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. DeMoss! We love you!
Psst, check out the bride’s blog about her big day with some beautiful photos & enough love to make you tear.}


{Walmart Moms}


{Couldn’t have made it without this wonderful lady!}


{Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Hugh Jackman – it’s really a concert with a few business items!
Photo credit: MommyBrainReports.com}


{Much needed sunshine, beer + relaxation with husband after the event}


{Friday night at a Naturals Game}


{Oh, and puppy got shaved for the Summer}

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