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[1 Year Later] What I’ve Learned From Being a Homeowner

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 7.17.08 PM[first snow in our home]

I cannot believe it’s been ONE YEAR since we bought our first home – wow! It seems like just yesterday we were giddy beyond belief signing the closing papers, and headed home for our first meal (pizza + wine/beer) sitting on the floor. We walked the house dreaming of the knowns and unknowns to come, excited for it all, and mostly excited to be doing it together! What a monumental step to own your first home with your significant other. We’re putting down roots, planning for a family and a beautiful life together.

I wrote a blog post last May – What I’ve Learned From Being a Homeowner in the First 7 Days. Well, it’s been a year now, and I’ve learned a whoooole lot more.

1. Housewarming parties are always a good idea. I’ll always cherish some of the first memories in our home with our best friends and family. There are still blue feathers to be found.

2. Unless you’re very wealthy, it takes time to decorate a house, and you have to be okay with that.

3. A yard is HARD WORK. Why didn’t anyone tell me about the dandelions, the moles, the stubborn weeds and the cost of a lawn mower?!

4. Speaking of hard work, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay someone to help you. Because we do enough hard work on our own.

5. There should be a “things-you-need-for-your-home-but-you-haven’t-thought-of” kit, including things such as a ladder, water hose, edger, gardening gloves, level, hand vac, etc. etc.

6. Get involved in the neighborhood. Even if it’s just through the Facebook page. You want to know when the neighborhood garage sale is and when there’s been a rash of patio furniture thefts.

7. Even in a new, dream home, there will always be things you wish you could change. Resist the urge to covet. Be content with what you have, because it is such a blessing.

Finally, there’s no place like home.

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