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10 Favorite Wines Under $10



Have a holiday party coming up? Or just like to drink good, cheap wine, like me? Either way, here are some great bottles to stock a party or your pantry.

From L to R:

19 Crimes – Red Blend: This is my go-to affordable bottle to take to a party or someone’s house. It’s good and has a unique label. Each cork has one of the 19 crimes on it; I’m currently trying to collect all 19.

Underwood – Pinot Noir: I don’t normally drink pinot noir, but when I do this is it. And usually, I drink it in the can in the summer. Yes, a can of wine. It’s an amazing thing.

Souverain – Cabernet: This is my latest find and current favorite. I liked the bottle and it was under $10 so I tried it out. I’ve bought about 5 bottles in the last month …

Sledgehammer – Cabernet: This is another one I randomly picked up off the shelves and has become a staple lately.

Cupcake – Malbec: I really like a good Malbec, but typically they’re more expensive. This one is lighter than usual and very easy to drink.

Dark Horse – Cabernet: Funny thing about this one – It was my go-to drink at Sassafrass Vineyard for about $8/glass. One day I saw it in the liquor store for, you guessed it, $8 A BOTTLE. Now I just buy the bottle.

Alamos – Malbec: Here’s another cheaper Malbec that’s good and that I originally found at a restaurant then saw how cheap it was in the store.

Ecco Domani – Pinot Grigio: If I drink white, it’s drink Sauvignon Blanc. However, this is a great, light and refreshing white I really enjoy when it’s hot outside.

Charles & Charles Rosé: Oh, it was the summer of rosé! While this one is a little more than $10 ($11-$12), I had to add it to the list because it is oh so delicious.

Freixenet Negro Brut: Looking for a good champagne that looks fancier than $10? This is it. There are several styles to choose from. I always go for the brut.

What’s your favorite wine for less than $10?

xo xo

Weekend Picturebook: Hermann, Missouri

You guys – Hermann, Missouri is ADORABLE. I cannot say enough good things about this quaint little town (pop. 2300!!). As we were driving in, Husband literally said, “Do you have the theme song of Gilmore Girls playing in your head right now?” The weather was perfect, the leaves were gorgeous, the streets were walkable, the people were friendly and the wine was flowing. Okay, enough talking, let’s get to the pictures!



{welcome to Höehn Haus – our amazing little cottage for the weekend!}
hotel: inn at hermannhof



{how about this bathroom?! with a fireplace! of course I took advantage of it … I took not one, but TWO baths this weekend}

img_0554{we got in town just in time to watch the sunset on our patio with incredible views and of course, wine}

img_0565{dinner at tin mill brewery – a short walk from our cottage}

S A T U R D A Y 


img_0583{big breakfast before all of the wineries … have I mentioned yet how amazing our B&B was?!}

img_0626{our ride for the day – the wine trolley!}


{first stop: adam puchta – not our favorite, but we got a $5 wine tasting of 8 wines (sips, really) so I’d say it was a win}

img_0655{2nd stop: stone hill winery – our favorite!}

14915253_3463028487454_2929998820936478831_n{and where we got our best pic of the weekend}

img_0676{3rd stop: oak glenn – gorgeous views of missouri river}

img_0686{4th stop: dierberg and star lane – this is where we had a very serious discussion about … our first born son’s name. ask us about it.}


{final stop: hermannhof winery – our B&B’s winery, which we loved. luckily it was only steps away from our cottage …}

img_0720{though not easy steps … it may not look like it here, but these were treacherous even when you haven’t been drinking wine! and that’s not even our cottage you can see!}

img_0702{after a little nap and a little Mean Girls on TV, we walked back in to town for the best post-wine food ever – mac and cheese. and oh my gosh was this mac and cheese amaaaazing. husband got bbq steak and I got bacon and mushroom in truffle oil (mine won)}

S U N D A Y 


img_0732{a little walk with more beautiful views before the 4 hr. drive back home}


{stopped in at the hermann wurst deli and picked up some brats to take home to cook – who’s coming over this weekend?!}

img_0739{and of course, a road trip would not be complete without jack-in-the-box tacos}

xo xo

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Just rest. And drink wine.

November 1 comes with a myriad of emotions. Joy and childlike excitement for the holidays. Subtle, but ever-present melancholiness for those no longer with us. And often times, stress and anxiety with the overwhelming amount of so much to do, to buy, to see.

We’ve been so busy the last few months, and the next two will be even busier. I love all the things we’re doing and all the people we’re spending time with, but it’s so important to rest – something very hard for me to do sometimes.

A couple of months ago, I had the foresight to book a weekend getaway just me and husband for some pure relaxation together. A weekend of solace in wine country … in Missouri! We heard about this little town called Hermann, Missouri with wineries, breweries and adorable B&Bs. {More on this later – you know there will be a dedicated blog post with pictures and reviews.}

My hope for this weekend is that we can turn off the noise, enjoy each other’s company and re-center ourselves. This way we can go into the holiday season with thankful hearts, a positive attitude and the reminder to sometimes say no to (good) things, and just rest.

Oh, and did I mention I’m staying off social media for the weekend? No facebook, no insta and no snaps … just wine and my husband. Just the way I like it.

xo xo