everyday inspiration

These are a few of my favorite things…

1. Animal bracelet things

I have never seen these things in real life, but for some reason I want them so bad. Just wait until I get them and then I will post a picture of myself looking just like this little girl.

2. Sparkly gold nail polish

I saw this on cupcakesandcashmere.com and have been searching for similar gold nail polish ever since. I love painting my nails unique colors: teal, purple, orange and the latest has been metallic silver (which my mom despises at each new application). I read in Glamour that metallic shades are hot for summer: silver for fair skinned, gold for medium skinned and copper for dark skinned. “Though it’s cool to wear the ‘wrong’ hues too!” Glamour told me. Good thing, because I’ve been wearing the wrong hue for weeks! But not for long….

3. Sactionals

What is a sactional you say? I thought it was the weirdest thing ever when someone told me about it today, and now I think it’s the greatest thing ever. It’s a couch, in sections, that you can move around into all of these wonderful positions. And yes, it comes in zebra and leopard print. What more could I ask for?! Check out lovesac.com.

4. Mexican food

Yes, this has always been a love of mine, but today I was particularly craving it. So I went to the new Mexican restaurant off of Dickson with two wonderful people J and S for some chips, cheese dip and chicken fajitas made to perfection.

5. Wii video game- Just Dance

Immediately after K showed me the commercial for this game I knew I had to buy it and it would be a hit. Boy was I ever right.  After dancing off the Mexican food for 2 hours with S, I was soaked in sweat and exhausted, ready for the game to be my workout routine every day. It was definitely the most fun I have ever had in a game, and I am not a gamer. (I recorded a video of me and S doing it and it’s pretty hilarious, but I’m having technical difficulties. I’ll post it later, because it’s definitely not something you want to miss.)

6. Random Tie-dye parties

J came home from Walmart with a handful of suspicious ingredients that we were unsure of until we learned it was a tie-dye kit. The activity was perfect for dance breaks and so much fun. I’ll post pictures of the results later.

7. S&P

I LOVE these adorable salt and pepper shakers S got us from Costa Rica, yay!

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  1. This J character sounds like an absolutely phenomenal human. You are very lucky.

    June 16, 2010 at 10:16 am

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