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Goodbye Summer, my dear sweet friend

Ah, a breath of fresh air.

Summer is over and school has finally arrived. Thus comes with it routine (which I LOVE) and includes keeping my blog updated to the best of my ability and trying, once again…. drumroll please……


As you may or may not know, I tried to work my way through the grueling 90-day workout plan last year and lasted about.. 30ish days. It was Christmas break then and my birthday and all was lost. But I’m back on the bandwagon and this time I WILL MAKE IT! (because I have the support of my readers, right?! Anytime you want to send me inspirational quotes or pictures, go for it 🙂 )

At the end of June I created a summer bucket list. I am now here to evaluate my summer and see what I did and did not accomplish…

1. Start a blog *obviously, CHECK.

2. Read all the books on my summer reading list   *CHECK. best book of the summer/my life: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

3.Go to the drive-in movie theatre *sadly no, but I still have a few more months until it closes!

4. Do the Branson Canopy Zipline *this will be moved to my life bucket list

5. Make at least 10 recipes I’ve been saving for the last year  *okay, I’m giving myself a little credit here. I didn’t make 10, but I probably made around 5 and for a girl who eats out constantly, it was a success.

6. Chase down the ice cream truck with the neighborhood kids and buy something *So I didn’t exactly chase it down, but I did run outside when I heard the song and waited for it for about 10 minutes before I realized my dreams were lost on another neighborhood

7. Go canoeing {despite my dislike of the river} *Well, I didn’t do this either, but I do have plans for this for next weekend!!!!! So I can cross it off prematurely right?

8. Go to a water park *CHECK and I earn double points for this one, since it was a water park I’d never been to and I didn’t get sunburned

9. Sleep in and not feel guilty about it *CHECK and proud of myself.

10. Go to a rooftop party *this too will be transferred to my life bucket list. I think I need to live in a bigger city..

11. Take walks after dinner to the school playground and just swing *CHECK, one of the most memorable things about my summer

12. Take fashion risks  *I think I can cross this one off from just last week when I put pink in my hair, wore a leopard print shirt and had fake tattoos all over my body……..

13. Catch fireflies *Does it count if I have the firefly jar sitting outside ready for them?

14. Write a letter to an old friend  *CHECK, and how refreshing it was.

15. Find several DIY projects and DO THEM *This was attempted one day with the roomies and what we ended up with was three exhausted bodies, a galore of unending puzzles and a growing pile of toilet paper rolls for my yet-to-be-started project.

COMING UP NEXT TIME: School time reverie and a Senior Year Bucket List

2 responses

  1. Kyle

    I really like the pick you used here, and I’d love to help you finish that list!

    August 23, 2010 at 8:28 pm

  2. Kyle

    and by pick I mean pic

    August 23, 2010 at 8:29 pm

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