everyday inspiration

I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling raw, I’m in the prime of my life

As I’ve returned from a wonderful few weeks of vacation, and school is rapidly approaching, I’m feeling blue, da ba dee da ba die. It doesn’t help that it’s freezing outside and snowy. Which when you’re sans school, isn’t nearly as exciting. All I can seem to think about is: waking up early, tests, papers, lack of time to read and watch movies, the impending thesis, plans, moving, job hunting, extreme busyness that I know will happen within a week of school. Though I’ve always been that person that loves being so busy she can’t sit still (pretty sure I know where I got that from..) I’ve surprisingly enjoyed the relaxation this break has brought, and only a tiny part of me is itching to get back into a routine.

However, I’m changing my tune. Why spend the last week of break dreading the inevitable? I’m looking too far into the future and discounting what the next semester, next month, next week or next day could bring.

I’ve been inspired by several things to say goodbye, bad mood and make every second count.

This song just came up on Pandora as I was writing this and it made me happy. Music is so good for the soul.

I see pictures of this beautiful little guy, Jack, that belongs to one of my good friends Lauren and my heart is beyond warmed. Just look at those eyes.

I’ve been happily reading The Imperfectionists, about misfit journalists, and plan to finish it before school starts.

I also plan to finish the final season of Veronica Mars. I had to give her another nod. I’ve been very inspired by her.

Then there’s this blog post from Thought Catalog that makes me laugh and reflect on How to be a 20-Something.

This blog, appropriately titled sunshine on a cloudy day, is one of my new favorites, and where I found this inspiration:

Of course not to mention the wonderful people in my life that make every day count. You are who make me wake up every day with a smile on my face, whether through a text message, a listening ear, a patient heart, an unintended compliment, a gracious laugh or the never-ending love you shower down on me. I’m inspired by all of you to make every second count and love you, and life, with everything I have.


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