everyday inspiration

celebrate (v): to publicly acknowledge a significant event with an enjoyable activity

We’ve been doing a lot of celebrating lately, so this is an ode to all of our dear friends.

{Happy 22nd Birthday Jessenia!}

* * *

{Happy 23th Birthday Lauren!}

{cute birthday girl bowling }

* * *

{Congrats Tayler and Luis on your engagement!}

{party times}

* * *

This week we will be attending a “See Ya Later” Party, which isn’t typically something to celebrate. However, I’m so excited for newlyweds Erin and Andrew to start a new adventure together. Below are a few of my favorite pics of me and Erin.

{when we first met, study abroad South Africa}

{one of my favorite pictures from my 21st birthday party}

* * *

And lately all I can think about is a fabulous holiday party I want to throw…


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