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NWA Brew Hop

Saturday night we had an adventure.

We set off with another couple to go Northwest Arkansas brewery hopping. You might be as surprised as I was to learn just how many craft breweries there are in the area. We went to 4 and there were 4 more we wanted to go to, so of course there’s already a brew hop round 2 in the works.

Here’s my review of the night and the brews!



Our beautiful drinking buddies for the evening

Core Brewing and Distilling Co: A little sketchy, very small (though they’re expanding), located behind Northwest Arkansas Newspapers in Springdale. Not our favorite beer overall, but you can get a lot for cheap. A flight of everything currently on top (7-8 beers) for $6.

Favorite Brew: Raspberry Ale



Saddlebock Brewery: Awesome place, out in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, with a fantastic two-story deck to sit outside. Overall, best brews.

Favorite Brew: Arkansas Farmhouse**

**also winner of favorite brew of the night



Apple Blossom Brewing Co: Newest of the four and favorite atmosphere, indoor/outdoor seating and restaurant, unique decor. Along with our brews we also had amazing (and huge!) fried pickles and alfredo fries.

Favorite Brew: Gris Cast Wheat

IMG_4517 IMG_1805

West Mountain Brewing Company: Best thing about this place? It also has pizza and really really good pizza at that. In all honesty, we didn’t even drink at this one. All we wanted was pizza and a bed.

Next time on the tour: Tanglewood, Fossil Cove, Hog Haus, Brewskis


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  1. Robin Appleton

    Looks like fun!!

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    August 7, 2013 at 6:55 pm

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