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Dolce Far Niente


This weekend was quiet.

I mean, so quiet that at one point Husband and I tried to take a nap (without success) because we didn’t have anything else to do.

The musings of my blog are typically all about our busyness. Busyness at work, busyness traveling, busyness with this event, that birthday party, this dinner with friends.

But this weekend was a collective breathe out. There was no busyness. We still had specific things to do at specific times Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, but the days were filled with nothing.

I cleaned. I cooked. I read magazines, I read books. I worked. I went on a run. I went grocery shopping. I watched a movie. I looked at the clock and wondered how this was happening.

The sad thing about our culture is that we equate busyness with happiness and success. We don’t think we deserve to have a moment without being busy and if we do, we feel guilty about it.

All weekend I kept trying to think of more things to do. I never have this much time, so there’s definitely things I should be doing. Not once did it cross my mind to just sit. Relax. Pray.

Next time you have a moment to spare, take a deep breath and remember dolce far niente.

Enjoy the quiet. Enjoy the peace. Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing.
xo xo

2 responses

  1. Mom

    dolce far niente….has always been hard for me…..but does candy crush count as dolce far niente?

    October 22, 2013 at 5:22 am

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