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Lazy, Hazy Weekend

Sometimes all you need is a guilt-free, lazy, hazy weekend.

And that’s exactly what I’ve had.

After the craziness of the last month, husband and I were excited to have a weekend with very minimal plans. (I can’t have no plans, because then that would just stress me out.)

Friday night we went out with friends for dinner and drinks and had so much fun. We talked craft beer + $100 whiskey, laughed about shark bites/tacos and dreamed about a trip to Thailand.

Then it was glorious, wide-open Saturday. Some days I say I want to stay in bed all day, but then I really don’t. I get anxious and think about all I need to do or feel guilty for being such a bum. But that was not the case next weekend. I had no problem at all laying in bed all day (I’m talking literally since wake-up to 4pm) catching up on my current TV shows, watching Gilmore Girls, reading all my magazines and blogging. It was fabulous. We then got a call asking if we wanted to go to dinner and a movie. Since we had literally no food in the house and felt like maybe we should be social, we got out of our pajamas for none other than pizza.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 3.01.24 PM

[I call this my, just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-only-for-pizza look]

We decided to continue our laziness, and after dinner didn’t go to the movie, but went home to watch our own movie on the couch (back in our joggers). We finally saw The Theory of Everything and LOVED it.

Sunday has been almost as amazingly lazy as Saturday, but unfortunately I did have to venture out in the cold to go to Walmart.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 3.19.37 PM

[I call this my, college-student look – UA baseball cap, fayettechill sweatshirt, uggs]

Don’t you just love these kind of weekends? I certainly love my busy, fun weekends with husband and friends, but I also adore these where you can really experience some relaxation and peace. It was exactly what I needed this weekend. And to top it off, we’ll enjoy a cozy night in with champagne and The Oscars.

xo xo

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