everyday inspiration

this is real [saturday]

an unvarnished look at my lazy saturday
[no judgment please – you know you have these days too]

rolled out of bed, learned how to make aeropress coffee + spent an hour and a half leisurely talking to an old friend about life

ZUMBA [the one non-lazy thing I’ve done today]

showered [only because I was soaked in sweat from zumba], didn’t put makeup on + and put my PJs back on

watched 3 episodes of friday night lights [bawled my eyes out at one episode, The Son], ate some ice cream to console myself

tried to take a nap, didn’t work out, so turned FNL back on

decided to get some sunshine, sat on the front porch + read 2 magazines

turned on FNL again for a final episode of the day + some blogging [okay, this might have turned into 2 more episodes]

next up: cooking dinner with the husband, backyard fetch with the pup + ending the lazy, hazy summer day with a movie and wine

xo xo

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