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this is real [saturday]

an unvarnished look at my lazy saturday
[no judgment please – you know you have these days too]

rolled out of bed, learned how to make aeropress coffee + spent an hour and a half leisurely talking to an old friend about life

ZUMBA [the one non-lazy thing I’ve done today]

showered [only because I was soaked in sweat from zumba], didn’t put makeup on + and put my PJs back on

watched 3 episodes of friday night lights [bawled my eyes out at one episode, The Son], ate some ice cream to console myself

tried to take a nap, didn’t work out, so turned FNL back on

decided to get some sunshine, sat on the front porch + read 2 magazines

turned on FNL again for a final episode of the day + some blogging [okay, this might have turned into 2 more episodes]

next up: cooking dinner with the husband, backyard fetch with the pup + ending the lazy, hazy summer day with a movie and wine

xo xo

True Grit{s}

It’s a rare lazy Saturday in our household. One to cherish before Thanksgiving. The house is clean, reminding me of the relaxation that comes along with tidiness. The coffee is brewing, eliciting smells of vanilla nut and awareness of autumn comfort. The morning rain stirs suddenly and briskly, adding depth to the muted gray skies.

Faintly, I hear the sounds of husband and his ritualistic Saturday morning video games in the other room, but I sit peacefully alone thankful for the open day ahead.

Rustling through the kitchen to find something to subside the hunger pains, I find a leftover batch of 5-minute grits from the parents’ visit a few weekends ago. As we always say, if you don’t like grits, then you just haven’t had them cooked right.

So, I decided to cook ’em right.

To make grits less, well, gritty and more delicious, you just need five ingredients: salt, garlic, butter, cheese and a southern palate.


I don’t have a recipe to share, because I don’t quite know how much of everything goes in the recipe. This is where the southern palate comes in. But if you don’t have a southern palate and want to give it a try, I’ll give you this tip: Go sparingly on the garlic and heavily on the butter. (Did I grow up watching Paula Deen???)

Something my grandmother does with her grits, that I did not do this morning, was put the cheese on top, put it in a casserole dish and bake it in the oven for about 20 minutes. #DoesntGetBetterThanThat


From my southern family to yours, I hope your Saturday is just as restful and your grits are just as tasteful.
xo xo

Inspire Me: Saturday


Amen. Enjoy your SATURDAY.

xo xo

p.s. have you checked out Kate Spade Saturday, yet? love, love. ❤

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