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30 Before 30

As I head into the last year of my 20s, I decided to create a list of things to do before I turn 30 in January. Thanks to literally everyone for helping me come up with this list. I think it’s realistic to accomplish in a year, yet will be challenging. I’ll provide a few updates throughout the year as I check things off. Starting with #1 …

[husband’s 30th]

    1. Start a new adventure. I’ve worked for Walmart for 6.5 years, as my first job out of college. I’ve officially accepted a position at Clorox, and couldn’t be more excited/anxious/thrilled to start this new adventure. 
    2. Make a complex meal 100% from scratch.
    3. Hike Pinnacle Mountain + eat a Hubcap burger at Cotham’s. This one stems back to my Arkansas Bucket List from a few years ago, and is one thing I really wanted to do that I never got to check off my list. This is the year!
    4. Successfully do a one-armed push-up.
    5. See a critically acclaimed show.
    6. Volunteer 30 hours.
    7. Buy all my friends a round, randomly.
    8. Play video games with husband for a night, complete with pizza + beer.
    9. Intentionally choose to stay by myself one night in a hotel. Obviously I’ve stayed by myself before, but for work or when husband was away – not intentionally.
    10. Learn a song on the guitar.
    11. Be in a play.
    12. Learn to play blackjack.
    13. Make a signature cocktail.
    14. Make a YouTube video that gets over 1k views.
    15. Start my book. This is one husband has been pushing me to do for years.
    16. Win at least 1 trivia night.
    17. Write 30 handwritten letters.
    18. Take a dance class.
    19. Go to a movie solo.
    20. Run 30 miles. I’m not a runner. So, no judgment please on “only 30?!”
    21. Dye my hair pink. Again, something I’ve always wanted to do. It could just be a few strands, and it could wash out after a day. Either way, I think 29 is the best time to do it. 
    22. Do 5 things that truly scare me.
    23. Give an amount of money that is significant to me and is significant to someone in need, but do it in such a way no one would ever know it was me who gave it and expect nothing in return.
    24. Travel to state I’ve never been to.
    25. Take a personal day, for no reason at all.
    26. Challenge myself with a new hobby.
    27. See someone in concert I’ve been dying to see.
    28. Find an artist whose perspective of the world I appreciate and buy a piece of his or her work.
    29. Take a spontaneous trip.
    30. Plan a huge 30th birthday bash.

xo xo

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UPDATE: Arkansas Bucket List + Discover Arkansas Series

I had such an overwhelming response to my Arkansas Bucket List post, (thank you, I Love You, Arkansas Facebook page for posting) that I had to share an update.

I’ll be starting a new series on my blog called Discover Arkansas. Each post will highlight pictures and my experiences. Thanks to all of you, my bucket list has expanded tremendously! I’m not sure if I’ll get to all of them this summer, but will certainly keep you updated as I do.

Original Bucket List: 

1. Float the Buffalo River

2. Eat a famous hubcap burger at Cotham’s [Scott/LR]

3. See the new Crystal Bridges exhibit, Van Gogh to Rothko [Bentonville]

4. Dig for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park [Murfreesboro]

5. Climb Pinnacle Mountain [Little Rock]

6. Go to the drive-thru wilderness safari [Gentry]

7. Climb to Hawksbill Craig and take a cliche picture [Ponca]

8. Enjoy an evening at the drive-in movies [Fayetteville]

9. Tour the Ozarks through railway [Springdale to Winslow or Van Buren]

New Additions: 

10. Spend the night in a tree house at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge [Eureka Springs]

11. Visit the Elephant Sanctuary [Greenbriar]

12. Float the Mulberry River

13. Visit [Mountain View] – go to the Drive-in and Blanchard Springs Cavern

14. Rivermarket & Heifer Project [Little Rock]

15. Hike to waterfall at Petit Jean State Park

16. Trout fishing on the White River and swimming at Big Spring Park [Cotter]

17. Hike at Painter’s Bluff

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I’m excited to explore our beautiful natural state! xo xo

End of Summer To-Do List

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 4.38.53 PM

The end of summer is near. Or at least it feels like it now school is back in session and everyone is talking about football, PSL and new boots. But it really doesn’t feel like it at all. It’s the average August in Arkansas, aka 100 degrees by 10am.

If you ask, I’ll tell you I’m so ready for fall and everything that comes with it. However, with the month or so left of hot weather, I’m holding on to the last few bits of summer to round out my summer to-do list.

I typically make a summer bucket list every year. I posted this one last year: Summer-ish Things and this one in 2010: Endless Summer. There are a lot of similarities – always canoeing/floating (which happened this year for the first time in years!) and always going to the drive-in (which never seems to happen). But this year we will try again!


1. Road trip + the BEACH
2. Floating
3. Host a party
4. Brewery hopping
5. Outdoor concert
6. Hang by the pool, good book and drink in hand
7. Consistent games of catch with puppy after work
8. Start running
9. Perfect a summer recipe
10. Stay up super late pretending like we have nothing better to do the next day than sleep in, a la high school and college summers

Still on the list:

1. Stand up paddle boarding
2. Drive-in movie
3. Water park
4. Floating (again!)
5. Do something ridiculously spontaneous
6. Lake time

Who wants to cross any of these off with me??
xo xo

Summer-ish Things


I vow to complete the following list of Summer-ish things. Welcome, favorite season! I’m ready for you.

1. Canoeing/Kayaking

2. Camping

3. Drive-in movie

4. Road trip

5. Go to the golfing range

6. Have a fancy picnic (preferably with wine and cheese and fruit)

7. Enjoy music outdoors

8. Go to a theme park

9. Host an outdoor party

10. Spend an entire day by the pool with good book + good drink in hand

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