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2011: my year in pictures

{Sugar Bowl – January}

{Happy 22nd Birthday to me! – January}

{Wedding showers! – March}

{Randomly met Donald Glover (I thought it was a big deal!) – March}

{Bachelorette party to remember – April}

{Got a big girl job! – May}

{We’re college graduates! – May}

{First comes love, then comes marriage – May}

{Honeymooning in Aruba – June}

{Summertime at the Ranch}

{Got a second job – Associate Editor of NWA, AY magazine – September}

{Visiting the parents in Colorado – September}

{Christmas with two wonderful families – December}

{Celebrating 2011 – NYE}

Happy New Year, friends! I wish you peace, love and joy for 2012.