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Happy 1st Birthday, Olli!

I can’t believe our baby boy is a year old today. He’s just as crazy and just as cute as we he was when we picked him up last November.

In honor of his birthday, I’m sharing my favorite photos of him throughout the year. It’s amazing how many puppy photos I’ve taken. Lord only know what it will be like when we have kids.

November{November: the first night}

Decmeber{December: the first family photo}

539750_1856577607186_566937347_n{January: the playdate}

February{February: the Saturday morning}

March{March: the mommy/son}

April{April: the profile pic}

IMG_5065{May: the wake up call}

June{June: the haircut}

July{July: the playful one}

August{August: the birthday boy}


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