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So I’m breaking my streak of posting life lately every two weeks, as I just posted one last week. I have good reason, but I’ll get to that a little later. First, here’s a little bit of my life lately…

IMG_6026{readjusting to normalcy after a fun weekend getaway in STL}

IMG_6866 IMG_4127{working with Drew Barrymore while she’s in town to promote her cosmetics line, FLOWER, at Walmart}

IMG_2929 IMG_8013{Happy hour at The Hive, drink of choice Five + Dime}


{obsessed with this}

* * *

I’ll be going off the blogging radar for a few weeks. Well, really, probably the everything radar unless I work with you or have specific plans for you. We’re starting a media fast Sunday. (I’m terrified) I’ll be blogging more about that tomorrow. But for now, it’s time for a House of Cards binge before it all begins.

xo xo