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Sunday nights.

As of late, I have been loving Sunday nights.

They’ve been following the same pattern for a few months, and the type A in me loves it.

Sunday nights mean comfort, and warmth, and family, and communication.

I love Fridays and Saturdays and the memories they bring – fun and friends and busy and irregular. But Sunday evenings are something special.

As we prepare for the week ahead, we clean and meal plan and grocery shop. (Not exactly my favorite things.)

But at 5pm, the cork comes out and the music comes on. We put a new record on the player, pour some wine and start cooking dinner together. Husband grilling steaks. Me prepping veggies and salad. Puppy moving from one of us to the other, dying to be in the middle of all the action. We talk about the week behind and the week ahead and the things we’re looking forward to.

After dinner, we catch up on our shared TV shows or watch an 80s movie from our list, then turn in early to read and rest up for the week.

Even as we’ve been traveling a lot lately, we’ve been home by midday Sunday and able to keep our cherished tradition. Or as I’ve been returning from work trips, Husband has meal-prepped ahead of time with wine ready so we can just enjoy each other after time apart.

It’s perfectly boring, perfectly an old married couple evening, and I’m perfectly content with it.

xo xo


Sunday Expectations vs Reality



Wake up refreshed from the weekend, leisurely get ready for church while brewing that perfect Sunday morning coffee.

On your drive home from church, make your mental to-do list of everything that needs to get done today and start immediately.

Go grocery shopping then come home with fresh ingredients to make a good, healthy lunch.

Take the dog on a nice long walk or play catch in the backyard for a bit. Enjoy the sunshine.

Do just a little bit of housework, like a load of laundry or the dishes.

Do something just for you – read on your book, watch a TV show, take a nice long bath.

Plan dinners for the rest of the week and make a new recipe you’ve been eyeing for dinner.

Enjoy a cozy evening in with food, wine and a movie.

Go to bed early to prepare for the week ahead.


Wake up late, lie in bed checking Facebook and Instagram then realize what time it is and rush out of bed to get hurriedly ready for church. Maybe stop by Starbucks for some coffee if you have 1 minute to spare before the service starts, or just drink the free coffee at church.

On your drive home from church, make your mental to-do list of everything that needs to get done today and immediately get overwhelmed.

Ravage the fridge and pantry to find something, anything for lunch and realize you HAVE to go to Walmart before dinner.

Lie on the couch after lunch telling yourself you’ll get up and do something productive in just a minute …. accidentally fall asleep.

Wake up feeling even lazier than before, but realize you have to do something today – either go to Walmart or clean the house, but definitely not both.

Go to Walmart only to come home and realize you have no clue what you could make for dinner with the $100 of groceries you just bought. Put in a pizza.

Play with the dog for a few minutes in the backyard, then come in only to complain about how hot it is and how tired you are from the day.

Stay up way too late getting lost in your latest TV show (ahem-Orphan Black).

Go to bed thinking about all the stuff you didn’t get done today and will have to do throughout the week instead. Immediately feel overwhelmed and wonder why you didn’t use your day productively.

ALT. REALITY: Laze around in your pajamas all day, just not giving a damn.

Can I get an Amen?
xo xo

the evening before


Aren’t Sunday evenings odd?

They are melancholy, a reminder that the weekend always ends too soon.

They are refreshing, knowing a brand new week is ahead with wonderful possibilities.

They are pressured, ensuring everything’s ready for the coming week.

They are reflective, remembering all the blessings we have.

Despite it all, I love them. I love Sunday evenings almost more than any night. There’s an unusual mix of nerve/unknown for the coming week and the final hours of relaxation. I feel free from the past week’s stresses and have a renewed resolve for tackling what’s ahead.

Our typical Sunday evening consists of a grand, home-cooked meal paired with a good wine. The apartment is clean from my Saturday flurry of chores. Puppy worn out from weekend activities. Fridge full. Clothes washed. Bed made.

And of course, the best television is on Sunday nights. Of late, we’ve had The Walking Dead and Revenge to distract our minds from the impending Monday morning. Or sometimes we like a really good movie to keep us entertained.

So this Sunday evening, I encourage you to focus on the positives, not the tomorrows. Enjoy the relaxing time you have with your loved ones.

xo xo