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Book Reviews: Beach House Secrets, Contraband Secrets + Family Secrets

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We Were Liars: It seems like decades ago that I read this book, but I still remember very clearly how the ending made me feel. You think this will be an easy, light-hearted read (which it is), but the ending will throw you for a loop like your favorite thriller. You know something’s off while reading, but you just can’t seem to piece it together. I had all these theories, and none of them were fully correct. This is a great book you can read in a few days, and will make you think about the ending for days after.
Grade: A-

All The Light We Cannot See: I read so many reviews on this book and heard so many amazing things, and they were all true. This is a truly beautiful story. Set in WWII, we follow the paths of a young Nazi boy and a young, blind French girl and the fascinating intricacies of how their lives are connected. Though it’s a lengthy book, it kept me interested by switching from his story to hers chapter by chapter. Even if you aren’t typically a historical fiction reader (like me), this is a wonderful read.
Grade: A+

The Best Yes – Making Wise Decisions In The Midst of Endless Demands: Truth be told, I’m actually still reading this book. It’s a great book to keep by your bedside and read a bit here and there between novels. I think everyone can relate to the premise of this book – how to say “the best yes” to what God really wants for your life instead of all the yes-es we say day in and day out that just make us tired and unfulfilled. I’ve been highlighting and taking pictures of my favorite passages in this book, and reminding my people pleasing self that I don’t have to say yes to everything. This would make a great study with a group, or enlightening for people like me.
Grade: A

And The Mountains Echoed: This was actually a spontaneous read, and I’m so glad I read it. Someone recommended it to me on Instagram, then another someone who saw that comment found it in their personal library and loaned it to me. This was another book about paths converging, like All the Light We Cannot See. We follow the lives of several families from Afghanistan to Paris to San Francisco spanning generations. The author is a tremendous storyteller, and I often felt like I was reading short stories within the story. While I enjoyed that, it also proved a little difficult to follow at times. I definitely recommend this book though, especially if you enjoyed the author’s previous works The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.
Grade: A-

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