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“The intense prayer of the righteous is very powerful.” James 5:16

What a beautiful day it has been that God has given me. My entire day has been thread together by Him in so many little ways that now make sense to me.


I’m at freshman orientation handing out The Traveler and talking to students interested in journalism. All morning this has been very rewarding for me, talking to bright-eyed, bushy-tailed students with a wonderful four years ahead of them to discover who they are. One girl that particularly struck me was interested in journalism and writing and was just overjoyed that she found our table. Come to find out she graduated from BHS (as did I) and we began talking like friends do. Just seeing the joy and excitement in her eyes of finding something on campus that she could be a part of was nearly enough to just make my day. Thus, my realizations of the morning are how much I love being a mentor or leader in someone’s life.


I come back to the office to find a forwarded email from my mom about prayer. It began by saying that we often find ourselves too busy during the day to say a prayer. Everything has to be accomplished asap, so we often forget to speak to God in prayer about it before we react. However, we should really think about the acronym differently…

When there’s work to do, deadlines to meet; You’ve got no time to spare, but as you hurry and scurry- Always Say A Prayer.

This very simple idea had a profound effect on me, as my life lately has been characterized by being busy- too busy to praise the God who created us.

Passion and Prayer

I had received an email at the end of the semester about becoming a mentor for freshmen. It looked appealing and I strongly considered applying, but it fell to the bottom of my list of things to do. Today I remembered that email- thinking about how much I enjoyed it this morning and how wonderful it would be to help even a handful of freshmen. I got home and began looking through old journals when God placed me on a page from 2008 that read, “Lord, I really feel you calling me toward spending my free time in conversation club. Also, how about mentoring students?” and that’s all I ever said about it. I honestly have no clue why I wrote that and can’t remember any reason why I would think about mentoring, but it secured my thoughts all day.

What an incredible God we have who will use anything such as a curious freshman, an email and old journals to lead me to glorifying Him and revealing part of His purpose for my life.

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  1. Kyle

    This was an awesome and inspiring post, and I really feel that you will be an amazing mentor and I support you 100%!

    June 11, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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