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Altruistic journalism calls girls like you.

We often forget what we have. How blessed we are with the many people and things in our life. Sickness followed me into the week and took more out of me than I would have hoped, namely the reminder of all the beautiful things in my life. My week was full of wonderful people and experiences and I choose now to reflect on these moments that slipped by so easily.


Wicked Awesome Wednesdays (WAW) that included sushi and hours upon hours of gabbing with my girls that was simply refreshing

“I can tap-dance. You wanna see me tap-dance?”

a surprise guest with surprise flowers

sunshine studying

finishing a book that taught me a simple lesson of love

an unexpected Valentine that reminded me of the value of friendship

surprising fun under a tent with pizza, newspapers and travelers

a truthful, bonding dinner


and a few pictures of some beautiful things in my life right now:

{a new end table from Riffraff}

{a new outfit for an exciting winter wedding this weekend}

{the perfect, unexpected Valentine’s gift- my great grandmother’s notebook, unbeknown to any of us that she was a journalist. a treasure i will always keep}



Fashion Week Designers Reveal Spring Trends

A review of New York Fashion Week for all the Fayetteville celebrities/socialites/journalists who weren’t invited to the event.

Number one on my life bucket list: go to New York Fashion Week and sit in the front row.

This glamorous, invitation-only event takes place twice a year, and is populated only by the wealthiest and most well known names in fashion and Hollywood. Though I’m not sure where exactly I will fit in when my time comes to sit on the front row of Oscar De La Renta’s premiere runway show, I will keep dreaming.

Designers presented their clothing lines for the Spring/Summer 2011 season last week at the Lincoln Center in New York City, kicking off the fashion season followed by shows in London, Milan and Paris.

White Hot Runways

Head-to-toe white will be the classic neutral next season for both men and women. The diversity of the designs complements the assortment of the designers who showcased this timeless trend. Pants and top ensembles, long and short dresses, flowing and tight-fitted, cotton and chiffon were among the all-white attire from designers Victoria Beckham, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, BCBG Max Azria and Calvin Klein, to name a few.

As a girl who never wants to hang up her white pants after Labor Day, I love this crisp, spring look. It is so traditional that you can mix old pieces with new, creating your own fashion persona, yet still adhering to the fashion industry’s wishes of white.

Mix It Up


According to the experts it’s all about the mix-up in prints next season, specifically with florals. Designers Thakoon and Peter Som both revealed their unique floral designs with contrasting colors and patterns, while Proenza Schouler mixed florals with bold stripes, polka dots or star prints. DKNY truly took the mixing bull by the horns and threw sequins, strips and blossoms into one ensemble.

I’ve never been able to really support this trend, despite Rachel Bilson and Taylor Swift, two of my Hollywood faves, fully embracing the outfit mish mash. Perhaps I over think it too much, rather than just putting two prints together and going for the bold. However, I do applaud those who can pull it off, and if you’re daring, go for the fashion risk and keep your head held high despite the inevitable looks you will receive.

New Animal Print Snakes to the Top

Christian Siriano

Leopard print will finally have to cede its throne to the python print this spring. Multiple designers had snakeskin dresses on the runway including Thakoon’s sexy, shirt-dress, Z-Spoke’s purple, python dress and skirts by Joseph Altuzarra. Christian Siriano, winner of “Project Runway” in 2008, unveiled show stopping animal prints following his white ensembles- a red dress embossed with snakeskin and a bold turquoise, crocodile blouse.

As a professed lover of animal prints, my transition from fall’s leopard trend to spring’s snakeskin might be trickier than I’d thought. Not confident enough to pull off a snakeskin dress or skirt (or quite possibly a little freaked out by the thought of wearing snakeskin), this trend might be better suited for accessories. An exotic clutch or skinny belt would be the perfect accessory to accentuate my all white attire.

To finish reading visit the UATrav website.

“Make the invisible visible”

On the street I saw a small girl cold and shivering in a thin dress, with little hope of a decent meal. I became angry and said to God; “Why did you permit this? Why don’t you do something about it?’ For a while God said nothing. That night he replied, quite suddenly:

“I certainly did something about it. I made you.”

I found this on Mark Horvath’s vlog, invisiblepeople.tv/blog/ and it completely took me off guard. How many times have we asked this question? And how simple of an answer is that? Mark Horvath, a homeless advocate, is coming to the UA campus Saturday at 6 p.m. The videos on his vlog are very powerful and I encourage every one of you to watch at least one and challenge you to do one thing about the issue of homelessness, whether it be donating money or time, prayer, writing about it, sharing about it on twitter, facebook or your blog. This is a major issue in the world, in the US, and in every one of our communities and we can make a difference.

Homeless advocate returns to Fayetteville capturing the faces of the invisible

By: Mille Appleton

With more than one million people sleeping on the streets each night, according to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, one advocate is traveling the country and using a video blog to capture the faces of the homeless and raise awareness.

Mark Horvath, founder of InvisiblePeople.tv, will be making his second appearance in Fayetteville Saturday to discuss with the homeless and shelters of northwest Arkansas ways to end homelessness.

Horvath will make the sixth stop on his “Road Trip, USA” at the UA Global Campus on the Fayetteville Square at 6 p.m. Saturday, sponsored by the Cobblestone Project and the Community and Family Institute at the UA.

“It’s a topic for every city in the country, particularly given the economic downturn over the last year and a half,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, director of the Community and Family Institute. “This region isn’t really any different. Some might have argued that we enjoy a fair amount of prosperity and that is true, but we absolutely have not escaped the downturn.”

Following his talk, Horvath will lead a discussion among homeless people in northwest Arkansas and leaders from Seven Hills Homeless Shelter, Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter and the Samaritan Community Center.

“There are people who are new to homeless, absolutely, and then of course there continue to still be people who were homeless in 2009 and still in 2010,” Fitzpatrick said. “We continue to ask the same question, how is that possible in a nation as wealthy as the United States?”

Finish reading the article on The Arkansas Traveler website here.


As I have been struggling to find what I want to do in my life, specifically how to use my talents to glorify God, I come across people who truly inspire me in everything they do. One of those people is Freedom Rodriguez. I’ve met him several times before at a Not For Sale Event and another art show and how he’s using his talents for God absolutely blows me away. Check out his newest project that I wrote about for the Arkansas Traveler…

Artist turns abandoned books into portraits of abandoned children

Art is not only about beauty. To some artists it stands to a higher standard that is meant to move people and service a purpose. A northwest Arkansas man is attempting to do just that with his collection 100 Faces of Uganda.

Artist Freedom Rodriguez has taken discarded children’s books and painted them with the faces of neglected children of Uganda to make a statement art piece and raise awareness.

“These children also feel discarded or abandoned or no longer wanted because for whatever reason they feel damaged or something is wrong in their life,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez noticed the books being given away at his hometown library in Siloam Springs and the contrast he could make with “these children who didn’t have a storybook life.”

“Nevertheless, these children need to feel and know that they have a story still worth reading about,” he said.

Using photographs he had taken of orphans while visiting Uganda, Rodriguez painted 100 book covers to show across the United States, starting his tour in Siloam Springs this weekend.

“I’m raising awareness for these orphans, giving them a voice. They feel like they’re voiceless, that they’re not being heard. Through this artistic expression, through my faith and what I’ve experienced in Africa I’m giving them a voice,” he said.

Finish reading the article here.

The musings of a writer

I’m reading the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It’s a story about an aspiring journalist in the 1960s who wants to tell the stories of the black maids living in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi and the truth about what it’s like to work for a white family. It’s incredible and I highly recommend it.

However, it has gotten me thinking. I want to write something that means something, that affects people. Something that’s true and interesting and hasn’t been done before. What am I really writing about now? Events in northwest Arkansas, Celebrity Monday, fashion, technology. I truly enjoy writing about all of that, but is that enough to stimulate me for the rest of my life and make a difference?

I’m not even quite sure what I would want to write about- faith, religion, religious persecution, social justice issues? My best friend got me involved in the organization Not For Sale, an anti-human trafficking organization, and it really affected me. I wrote this story about it for The Arkansas Traveler.  http://www.uatrav.com/2010/arkansas-organizations-raise-awareness-about-sex-trafficking/

I’m thinking about maybe interviewing women and children who have been involved in the sex trade and compiling their stories. I want people to be heard and I want to make a difference, not just write about fashion and celeb gossip (that I do love oh so much.)

If you have any suggestions of things that you think need to be written about, please comment below.

“The intense prayer of the righteous is very powerful.” James 5:16

What a beautiful day it has been that God has given me. My entire day has been thread together by Him in so many little ways that now make sense to me.


I’m at freshman orientation handing out The Traveler and talking to students interested in journalism. All morning this has been very rewarding for me, talking to bright-eyed, bushy-tailed students with a wonderful four years ahead of them to discover who they are. One girl that particularly struck me was interested in journalism and writing and was just overjoyed that she found our table. Come to find out she graduated from BHS (as did I) and we began talking like friends do. Just seeing the joy and excitement in her eyes of finding something on campus that she could be a part of was nearly enough to just make my day. Thus, my realizations of the morning are how much I love being a mentor or leader in someone’s life.


I come back to the office to find a forwarded email from my mom about prayer. It began by saying that we often find ourselves too busy during the day to say a prayer. Everything has to be accomplished asap, so we often forget to speak to God in prayer about it before we react. However, we should really think about the acronym differently…

When there’s work to do, deadlines to meet; You’ve got no time to spare, but as you hurry and scurry- Always Say A Prayer.

This very simple idea had a profound effect on me, as my life lately has been characterized by being busy- too busy to praise the God who created us.

Passion and Prayer

I had received an email at the end of the semester about becoming a mentor for freshmen. It looked appealing and I strongly considered applying, but it fell to the bottom of my list of things to do. Today I remembered that email- thinking about how much I enjoyed it this morning and how wonderful it would be to help even a handful of freshmen. I got home and began looking through old journals when God placed me on a page from 2008 that read, “Lord, I really feel you calling me toward spending my free time in conversation club. Also, how about mentoring students?” and that’s all I ever said about it. I honestly have no clue why I wrote that and can’t remember any reason why I would think about mentoring, but it secured my thoughts all day.

What an incredible God we have who will use anything such as a curious freshman, an email and old journals to lead me to glorifying Him and revealing part of His purpose for my life.