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Weekend Picturebook: 3rd Annual Cabin Getaway

I cannot believe it’s been three years now that we started one of my favorite traditions. The weekend before Thanksgiving our community group rents a cabin and has a relaxing kid-free/puppy-free weekend doing whatever we please – eating (abundantly), napping (occasionally), laughing (constantly) – and just enjoying each other.

This year we had two new couples join us, and had so much fun and made so many memories we will never forget. (Well, thanks to my blog, that is. :))

IMG_9126[Started the weekend off right with Lagavulin and hanging by the fire]


[and a surprise baby shower for Garrett + Rachel with these ADORABLE cookies]



[Each couple was responsible for a meal. We had breakfast and did a bagel bar, complete with schmear, lox, prosciutto, cheese, fruit, pb, nutella, etc. etc., and mimosas, of course.]


[There was time for crafting … ]


[time for napping …]


[and time for exploring.]



[Saturday night, we watched the Razorback game, made s’mores at halftime,


[then mended our broken hearts with some telephone pictionary, where we all ended up crying from laughing so hard.]


[Our favorite part of the weekend was all of the hilarious lake signs hanging around the cabin, and working them into conversation all weekend, including this one, which was our favorite – The trout, the trout, and nothing but the trout, so help me cod.]


[I seriously don’t know what I would do without these people in my life. I am so thankful for their friendship and such an incredible weekend.]

xo xo


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