everyday inspiration

my wednesdays.

Can I let you in a little secret? I secretly LOVE Wednesdays, and probably not for the reasons you may love Wednesdays.

Wednesdays are my night to do exactly as I wish. We’re always busy throughout the week with various things, but there’s one night I can always count on to relax and rejuvenate. Husband doesn’t come home until late, after teaching karate, so I get to spend the time with no one to answer to except myself.

My Wednesday evenings usually look fairly similar, with tonight being a prime example:

Go on a R U N*
{mindlessly blaring Queen Bey}

{unfortunately one of the only days during the week I seem to find time to do so}

Pick-up an easy dinner and my favorite W I N E
{preferably sushi and a good cabernet}

R E L A X on the couch and catch up on my magazines + girly TV shows
{currently consisting of Pretty Little Liars, Nashville and Revenge}

Retire to bed early, with time to R E A D
{new post coming soon about my books of late}

*new addition with the beautiful weather and renewed sense of fitness


It does vary a bit each week, like next week I’m hosting a girls happy hour, and sometimes I get the urge to cook so I’ll spend my time grocery shopping and preparing a late dinner for when husband gets home.

Pretty simple, right? I don’t need much to rejuvenate, but I do need alone time – something I’ve learned means I’m actually an introvert, not an extrovert as I would have previously thought. Oh, and wine … wine is always good. (says mille davis and olivia pope)

Happy Wednesday! xo xo

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