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wednesday, my inspiration.

The most vibrant sound in the room is one that can either soothe or distress.
The wick is almost at its end, but fights for dear life, throwing its light from side to side and forcing itself to be heard and not forgotten.

At times it competes with the screaming thunder, but its benefit is its consistency –
laying a raspy baseline throughout the room.

The puppy is confused. He looks up from his sleepy state on the newly carpeted floor, searching for the source of the hissing and buzzing.

The thunder stops and the rain begins; the wick seems to play in harmony with the pitter patter. Occasionally birds add a verse, bringing the illumination of spring.

The girl sits on the couch drinking it all in.

She sits in her cushy sweats wine in hand, after removing her corporate attire. She sits with fragrant food in the crockpot, waiting for husband to arrive home. She sits on her immaculate couch, admiring her new rug. She sits oblivious of how thankful she should be of nearly everything around her.

She sits in silence.

She allows herself the peace and rest and lack of distractions that are so hard to come by. She doesn’t feel the need to turn on the radio, or the tv, or grab her magazines.

She sits in silence.

And then the hail begins.

my wednesdays.

Can I let you in a little secret? I secretly LOVE Wednesdays, and probably not for the reasons you may love Wednesdays.

Wednesdays are my night to do exactly as I wish. We’re always busy throughout the week with various things, but there’s one night I can always count on to relax and rejuvenate. Husband doesn’t come home until late, after teaching karate, so I get to spend the time with no one to answer to except myself.

My Wednesday evenings usually look fairly similar, with tonight being a prime example:

Go on a R U N*
{mindlessly blaring Queen Bey}

{unfortunately one of the only days during the week I seem to find time to do so}

Pick-up an easy dinner and my favorite W I N E
{preferably sushi and a good cabernet}

R E L A X on the couch and catch up on my magazines + girly TV shows
{currently consisting of Pretty Little Liars, Nashville and Revenge}

Retire to bed early, with time to R E A D
{new post coming soon about my books of late}

*new addition with the beautiful weather and renewed sense of fitness


It does vary a bit each week, like next week I’m hosting a girls happy hour, and sometimes I get the urge to cook so I’ll spend my time grocery shopping and preparing a late dinner for when husband gets home.

Pretty simple, right? I don’t need much to rejuvenate, but I do need alone time – something I’ve learned means I’m actually an introvert, not an extrovert as I would have previously thought. Oh, and wine … wine is always good. (says mille davis and olivia pope)

Happy Wednesday! xo xo