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10 {Ridiculous and Basic} Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

’tis the season to be thankful – currently written on my chalkboard in my kitchen. Thanksgiving week is all about giving thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives.

Earlier this year, I did a Lenten 40 Day Challenge where I tried to blog about something I was thankful for every day. Unfortunately I did a poor job of keeping it up past day 20, but it still gave me a good perspective of the abundance in my life.

However, this post is not about all the amazing things I’m thankful for, though I do have so many – amazing family and friends, a new home, great job, abundant food and water, a lovable puppy and so much more.

Instead this post is focusing on the little things that bring me happiness. Yes, some of them are ridiculous and all of them make me a basic white girl, but don’t judge me, you know you have things that make you feel the same way.

10 {Ridiculous and Basic} Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

1. Seat warmers – this hit me last week when we had a few days that didn’t get above 20 degrees. I mean seriously, what a terrific invention.

2. Starbucks – this is definitely not new news, but I’m obsessed with Starbucks. I’ve started limiting myself to 2X/week, but every time I take my first sip I tell myself 2X/week is just not enough. #crack

3. Instagram – where else can I see photos of beautiful babies, dog and cat best friends, gorgeous vacations, shoes to die for, food porn and the little everyday things that make up my friends lives all across the country.

4. Nails – having my nails perfected and polished every two weeks just pulls me together. It’s also the only time I can’t look at my phone and sometimes that’s nice.

5. Books – this has been the year of books for me. I’ve been speed reading through my book list and loving it.
5a. My new Warby Parker reading glasses
5b. The Bentonville Public Library

6. Christmas Decorations – for some reason I was filled with the Christmas spirit early this year. I’ve been slowly, but surely putting up decorations the past few weeks, and I’m anxiously awaiting our trees in the mail.

7. Texting – I can’t even imagine a world without texting. Similarly to Instagram, it’s such an amazing way to keep up with so many people in so many places among all of our busy schedules.

8. Netlix/Hulu/Amazon Prime – watching whatever show you want, whenever you want it is amazing. I’m too spoiled to ever go back to simple cable television.

9. Taylor Swift – I wrote an entire post about how much I love her, so there’s that.

10. Yoga pants – I literally put mine on mere seconds after walking in the door after work.

Honorable Mentions: UGGs, Red Wine, iPhone 6, Pretty Little Liars

xo xo

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