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birthday week reflection

What a week it’s been.

[a Vegas recovery week. a birthday week. a tough work week. a tough political week. an emotional week. a party week.]

How has it been all those things in just a simple week? As I type this, the ability to describe this week is honestly beyond my words. The rollercoaster of coming off of a Vegas high, down with layoffs at work, back up to an amazing birthday high and down and around again as our new President continues to shock us all.

This world and these lives of ours are very volatile. We have no idea what tomorrow brings. It is even more important now than ever to be thankful for today and all that we have.

As I was driving to work Wednesday morning, head still spinning from the day before, I turned off the radio and started listing all the things I was thankful for right now.

Just to name a few –

A roof over my head. Food on the table. Clean water to drink. A husband who loves and cares for me. A family who is always there for me. Friends who make me laugh and are there when I cry. And an incredible job that does more than just pay the bills.

What an incredible 28 years I’ve had thus far.

It’s as simple as that. If I have those things, I’d say I’m pretty lucky. I gained some needed perspective just by taking those 10 minutes to think about everything God has graciously given me.

The world is not okay, and there are a lot of horrible things happening right now. I have a lot, and I never want to take that for granted, but I also need to work harder for those who don’t have these same freedoms and luxuries as I do.

All of you reading this are amazing people and I love you and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. My hope is you will do the same – take a few minutes before you go to bed tonight or on your way to work in the morning and truly think about what you have and how you can give back to others.

“It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.”

xo xo


10 {Ridiculous and Basic} Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

’tis the season to be thankful – currently written on my chalkboard in my kitchen. Thanksgiving week is all about giving thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives.

Earlier this year, I did a Lenten 40 Day Challenge where I tried to blog about something I was thankful for every day. Unfortunately I did a poor job of keeping it up past day 20, but it still gave me a good perspective of the abundance in my life.

However, this post is not about all the amazing things I’m thankful for, though I do have so many – amazing family and friends, a new home, great job, abundant food and water, a lovable puppy and so much more.

Instead this post is focusing on the little things that bring me happiness. Yes, some of them are ridiculous and all of them make me a basic white girl, but don’t judge me, you know you have things that make you feel the same way.

10 {Ridiculous and Basic} Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

1. Seat warmers – this hit me last week when we had a few days that didn’t get above 20 degrees. I mean seriously, what a terrific invention.

2. Starbucks – this is definitely not new news, but I’m obsessed with Starbucks. I’ve started limiting myself to 2X/week, but every time I take my first sip I tell myself 2X/week is just not enough. #crack

3. Instagram – where else can I see photos of beautiful babies, dog and cat best friends, gorgeous vacations, shoes to die for, food porn and the little everyday things that make up my friends lives all across the country.

4. Nails – having my nails perfected and polished every two weeks just pulls me together. It’s also the only time I can’t look at my phone and sometimes that’s nice.

5. Books – this has been the year of books for me. I’ve been speed reading through my book list and loving it.
5a. My new Warby Parker reading glasses
5b. The Bentonville Public Library

6. Christmas Decorations – for some reason I was filled with the Christmas spirit early this year. I’ve been slowly, but surely putting up decorations the past few weeks, and I’m anxiously awaiting our trees in the mail.

7. Texting – I can’t even imagine a world without texting. Similarly to Instagram, it’s such an amazing way to keep up with so many people in so many places among all of our busy schedules.

8. Netlix/Hulu/Amazon Prime – watching whatever show you want, whenever you want it is amazing. I’m too spoiled to ever go back to simple cable television.

9. Taylor Swift – I wrote an entire post about how much I love her, so there’s that.

10. Yoga pants – I literally put mine on mere seconds after walking in the door after work.

Honorable Mentions: UGGs, Red Wine, iPhone 6, Pretty Little Liars

xo xo

Lent Update: Thankful + My Sweet Tooth

Lent is a little more than halfway over so I thought it was about time to give an update on my challenges. I’ve done poorly in one and very well in another … can you guess which is which??

Surprisingly, I’ve done poorly in something I thought would be so easy, too easy – taking a photo every day of something I’m thankful for. At first, it was a fun challenge, but now it’s gotten harder and I’m getting lazier. It’s not that I’m not thankful for so many things, but it’s often hard to capture that in a photo in the moment. I have my good days and my bad days of remembering. But overall it’s definitely served it’s purpose – reminding me to recognize the small things in my everyday life that I have to be thankful for. My last post showed days 5-13, below are days 14-24.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.24.11 PM
{Day 14: I’m thankful for Spring so I can wear peep-toe wedges and bright polish! #lent #40daychallenge#springishere #shoelove}

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.24.48 PM{Day 15: I’m thankful for large Diet Coke Fridays – something I’m allowing myself only once a week these days! #lent #40daychallenge #dietcokeobsession #tgif}

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.25.09 PM{Day 17: I’m so thankful for this gorgeous guy I get to call my husband {all day and every day, but specifically thinking about him today} ❤️ #lent #40daychallenge#mcm #aruba #honeymoon #throwback}

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.25.26 PM{Day 19: I’m thankful for amazing opportunities to experience art at a world class museum in my little hometown. #lent #40daychallenge #modernism#crystalbridges #picasso #matisse}

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.26.02 PM
{Day 22: I’m thankful for this beauty on our mini spring break getaway. #lent #40daychallenge #hotsprings#sunset #lakehamilton}

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.26.17 PM{Day 23: I’m thankful for the little moments that make me happy. #lent #40daychallenge}

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.26.36 PM{Day 24: I’m thankful for a new month and a fresh beginning. #lent #40daychallenge}

As for this infamous sweet tooth – it’s killing me! So, when I first started this no desserts for Lent journey it was very hard. I was going through withdrawal symptoms daily. Then after about a week or so, they went away. I’d practically forgotten about desserts and how amazing they taste. I sighed with relief at how easy the rest of Lent was going to be. Then there’s been the last week or so and it.has.been.torture! The purpose of fasting for Lent is to rely on God instead of these other things. Well, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve prayed to God to take away my craving and focused on Him instead. I’ve definitely lived out the purpose, maybe more so than other years, but even so I’m here to tell ya – nothing is going to stop me on Easter morning from eating ice cream for breakfast.

xo xo 

thankful {days 5-13}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.31.20 PM

{Day 5: I’m thankful for blue skies, sunroofs + lunch breaks. #lent #40daychallenge}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.31.40 PM
{Day 6: I’m thankful for good conversations with old friends. #lent #40daychallenge}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.31.52 PM
{Day 7: I’m thankful for this beautiful devotional that has been my source of hope, joy and peace the past few months. #lent #40daychallenge #jesuscalling}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.32.07 PM
{Day 8: Rough day at work then I come home to puppy and puke in his crate. So today I am thankful for the little things in the mailbox that made me smile. #lent#40daychallenge #birchbox}

{Day 9: First day that I’ve missed … but I was thankful for Fridays!}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.32.18 PM
{Day 10: I’m so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate a beautiful marriage that truly embodies the love of Christ. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Saunders! #lent#40daychallenge #weddingday}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.32.44 PM
{Day 11: I’m thankful for social media. Otherwise I may not have the opportunity to be so encouraged by words like these. {regram from @jtlstreet} #lent#40daychallenge #johnpiper}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.39.47 PM
{Day 12: I’m thankful for retail therapy – one of my purchases being this adorable shirt from Elysian Boutique! #lent #40daychallenge}

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.51.05 PM
{Day 13: I’m thankful for to-do lists and time for blogging! {new post: milledavis.com} #lent#40daychallenge #blog}

xo xo

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there’s beauty in the weekends

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 4.38.25 PM{Day 3: I’m thankful for a date night with @ourdudekyle consisting of dinner, drinks (with free mittens!!) and an evening catching up on our TV shows. #tgif #lent#40daychallenge}

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 4.38.37 PM{Day 4: I’m thankful for rest with a cute puppy. #lent#40daychallenge}

Sundays don’t count in the 40 days of Lent, so I’m not doing a photo for today, but I still have so much to be thankful for:

early morning coffee + donuts, a wonderful church family,
the opportunity to serve every week,
learning about love + obedience, book searching + chicken eating with husband,
a gorgeous sunny day,
movie date with mom to see frozen (finally!), giggling in the movie like the little girls behind us,
a long walk with our little family (me, mom, husband and two dogs: roxie and olli),
relaxing at home with the biggest question being to nap or read,
a Sunday evening ahead of steak, veggies + The Walking Dead.

xo xo

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My Lenten #40DayChallenge

This year for Lent I’m doing things a little different. Well, I’m still doing some familiar things, like fasting from all sweets. (But this time I’m not going to let Sunday be a cheat day. So straight 45 days without sweets. Eek!)

But I’m also doing something different. I’m taking the time to be intentional about things I’m thankful for. I will share a photo every day on my instagram account @milledavis of my #40daychallenge. You can follow along there or on my blog. I won’t update on my blog every day, but will share in batches several days worth of photos.

This is a great exercise for anyone, to be conscious every day of the many things you have to be thankful for, but for me specifically in this time of grief. I pray that through this season God will open my eyes and remind me of all of his wonderful blessings. I pray I will reflect during this time on what’s truly important. I pray I will be reinvigorated with His truth and the passion to share the Gospel.

I hope you’ll follow me in this journey and share things you’re thankful for too!

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 6.39.53 PM

{Day 1: I’m thankful for the freedom to practice my religion during this sacred season.}

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 6.40.05 PM{Day 2: I’m thankful for fun coworkers and belated mardi gras celebrations.}


I’m writing this post mostly for me. In no way am I trying to “humbly brag” about the amazing things in my life that I’m thankful for. Instead, I’m using this as a reminder to myself of how blessed I am even though it is so easy to forget.

Last year around this time I did daily posts about what I was thankful for each day, ranging from good food to clean sheets to “a busy August and a quiet September.” But this year I want to focus one thing I so easily take for granted: my job.

I have been at Walmart for a little over a year now. If you work at Walmart or know people who work at Walmart, one of the most common phrases people say about Walmart is that they get their moneys worth out of their associates, meaning it’s quite often long days, nights and weekends. We work hard for the money.

It’s often hard and stressful and frustrating, but as I’ve been looking back on my last year at Walmart I have been blessed in so many ways by this job. Now, I might have drank the kool-aid here, but bear with me. I’m not saying Walmart is the best company in the world to work for and I’m not saying I’ll work there my entire life, but I believe the experience I’ve gotten from one year of working there is unparalleled.

Let’s recap –

I’ve gotten to meet Drew Barrymore, Trey Songz, Kori Robertson and Steve Harvey. I will be meeting Garth Brooks and Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) next week.

I’ve gotten to see Miguel, Jill Scott and BEYONCE perform at Essence Festival, and Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Hugh Jackman and John Legend perform at Shareholders.

I’ve traveled to New Orleans, Cleveland, Cincinnati, West Palm Beach, Nashville and San Francisco – including spending a day at Facebook Headquarters, which was just as amazing as you’d think it is.

I LAUNCHED WALMART’S INSTAGRAM. I was given the opportunity and the support to develop the strategy and content to launch the hottest social channel for the Fortune 1 company. I will forever be thankful for that opportunity.

I’ve been more challenged than I ever have been and ever thought I would be, whether making presentations to senior executives or managing 21 women on a day to day basis.

But most importantly, I’ve built some incredible relationships. I truly love the people I work with every day, and I strive to make a positive difference in their life. I started a women’s prayer group on our floor that gives me so much hope every time we meet because the ladies are just so inspiring.

I could not be more thankful for where I am in my life right now and the job the Lord blessed me with a year ago. I have no clue what my future holds, but for now, I’m content.

xo xo

5 {things I’m thankful for} + 5 {quotes from the day} + 5 {turkey day photos}

5 {things I’m thankful for}

Two incredible families who we got to spend Thanksgiving with

Our baby (puppy!) who we didn’t have last year

An abundance of food and drink

A husband who keeps me laughing and loving in our second year of marriage

The good Lord who blesses us with all of these things

* * *

5 {quotes from the day}

“Did you see her mimosas?? They were, like, clear.”  – in regards to why someone was being extra chatty

“The dog was just WASTED!” – an unfortunate story about a dog who ate a bag of Columbian pot

“I used to get phone calls from pre-school saying he was being too touchy-feely.” – in regards to my loving husband

“Trivia: Who wrote the original score for this musical?” – while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

“You better be taking care of my daughter, because she’s the light of my world.” “Yes, sir. She’s the light of my world too.” – father to son-in-law

* * *

5 {turkey day photos}

{mimosa bar}

{beautiful mother/chef/decorator/hostess}

{incredible tablescape by my mother  using old wooden doors for the table tops}

{Happy Thanksgiving, XO the Aldermans}

{sibling love}