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Aldermans Go Global: Munich

D A Y 1 – O K T O B E R F E S T 

IMG_8143[Wilkommen to Deutschland! What an amazing surprise from my friend Bobbi Joe, waiting for me at our hotel. Dirndl and all here we come, Oktoberfest!]

IMG_8166[I can’t even describe how amazing of an experience this was!! Something we will never forget!]

IMG_8242 (1)

IMG_8160[So much food! Pretzels, two hens, pork knuckle and the best potato salad I’ve ever eaten!]


IMG_8171[We were in the Augustiner beer tent for 5 1/2 hours, and by the end, everyone was standing on their tables dancing and singing, without a care in the world.]

D A Y  2

IMG_8267[Beautiful day exploring the city – Glockenspiel and Marienplatz]



IMG_8201[Viktualienmarkt – basically a huge amazing farmers market! And I just wanted to buy all the flowers all the time!]

IMG_8217[Michael Jackson memorial outside the Bayerischer Hof Hotel, where he stayed several times and other celebrities stay in Munich.]

IMG_8219[When in Munich … eat pizza? Strange I know, but it was incredible because the meat is just so good on anything you put it on.]

IMG_8238[Early night in after a late night previously and a long day of walking. But of course, still laying in bed drinking beer.]

D A Y  3 


IMG_8249[Lunch at Hofbrau Haus!]

IMG_8281[Another beautiful day walking around the city and enjoying beautiful gardens.]

[Delicious meal at Cafe Tambosi – pumpkin and brown sugar ravioli in a honey truffle sauce and dessert: fresh pineapple with pistachio ice cream and real cream. Drooling now just thinking about it.]

D A Y  4
(We were supposed to take a trip to Austria our last two days of vacation, but unfortunately trains were suspended due to migrants, so we made the best of our extra time in Munich!)



IMG_8299[Rainy days are for museums – first up, Museum Brandhorst with an amaaaazing Warhol exhibit!]

IMG_8319 (1)

IMG_8322[Next museum, Pinakothek der Moderne filled with everything you could imagine such as furniture, the first Apple computer and Dali’s!]

IMG_8374[The BMW Museum was so cool, inside and out! And of course the MINI exhibition was my favorite.]


IMG_8396[We were looking for a place to eat dinner, and we just couldn’t pass up the meat cooking in the window. It was seriously the best thing we ate in Munich (and as you saw, we ate some great food). The pork knuckle and sauerkraut was incredible, and the flaming apple fritters were awesome.]

D A Y  5 – Last day in Munich

IMG_8440[Our last day in Munich we spent shopping in the morning, and then relaxing and drinking beer all afternoon at our now favorite beer garden Augustiner-Keller.
Then back to the hotel, watching the Scream Queens pilot on the iPad and figuring out how to pack everything to take it home…]

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