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Here’s Why I’m a Yuccie and You Probably Are Too

YUCCIE: Young, Urban, Creative, Cultured, Intellectual, Entrepreneur

Here’s what I learned this weekend: The Hipster is dead, and the Yuccie is born. And I’m a Yuccie.

First, let’s start with the Yuppie: originally coined in the 80’s, a young, urban professional who has a high-paying job and affluent lifestyle and who’s not afraid to show it.

Then the rise of the Hipster: a subculture of men and women in their 20s and 30s who value independent thinking, counter-culture, creativity and PBR.

And now, the Yuccie: bringing together the successful nature and affluence of a Yuppie and the creativity of a Hipster.

I don’t think there’s been a better term that identifies me and my husband. Continue reading to see why.

21 Things All Yuccies Love
via this Buzzfeed article and this Yuccie checklist

Having a solid opinion about hot yoga – Um, yes. I even wrote a blog post about it once …. Hot Yoga, thank you.

Not being able to watch only one episode on Netflix – The struggle is real.

Taking it personally when someone says they don’t like Beyoncé – How would that even be possible? She’s QUEEN BEY.

Creating their own vacation hashtag on Instagram – I may or may not be known for this among my friends …

Calling guacamole “guac” – Absolutely.
Calling margaritas “margs” – Obviously.
Knowing that guac costs extra – Of course.

Not paying for HBO Go – We just got HBO Go. Meaning we just got someone’s username and password for HBO Go.

Talking about not having cable – And I’ve also written a blog post about this …. Summer Nights + Why You Don’t Need Cable

Getting pissed every year Modern Family wins all the awards – Husband and I say this every.single.year while watching the Emmys.

Thinking about getting a tattoo but never actually getting one because they’re worried they’re going to hate it in a few years OR SAYING “I only want to get a tattoo if it’s meaningful” – While reading this one to Husband, “Omg, they know me so well.”

Waiting in line at food trucks – FOOD TRUCKS ARE THE BEST. < What a Yuccie statement.

Saying they’re “dead” when they’re not actually dead – I can’t even count the times I’ve said this.

Talking about Mercury being in retrograde – HA. I have told anyone who will listen about mercury in retrograde.
Blaming things on Mercury being in retrograde – HA. I have blamed anything possibly on mercury in retrograde.

Talking down to your friend if they don’t know what “bae” means – While reading this one to Husband, “I don’t think you’ve ever done this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you have.”

Not understanding people who have Androids – Do you know my husband?

Making fun of your friend for having an iPhone 4 – Repeat. Do you know my husband?

Really wants to go to Austin soon because hears it’s incredible – Husband and I talk about going to Austin at least once a month.

Takes boozy painting classes – Currently have 4 paintings from said boozy painting classes in my garage.

Loves Seinfeld even though it went off the air when they were 16 – We JUST started watching Seinfeld…. And we love it…. And it first aired the year I was born….

xo xo

favorites, round 2.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 12.06.52 PM

Things I love that I want to share with you, so you can love them too.

1. Reading on an iPad I’ve had an iPad for a couple years now, but I’ve resisted reading on it because it’s just not the same, right? Well I have news for those of you who have been resisting like me – it’s pretty awesome. I bought a great book for $2.99. That’s right, $2.99. First awesome point. Second, you can highlight without ruining the pages. You can make notes without ruining the pages. You can then see all your highlighted sections and notes in one place. AWESOME. I’m sure there are lots of other awesome things you can do I just haven’t learned yet, but so far that’s enough for me.

2. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil How many of you either use Moroccan Oil or have used it in the past? My hand is raised. I loved it, but it’s pretty pricey and you can’t buy it at Walmart or Ulta. I’ve seen this Organix brand at both Walmart and Ulta for a while now and been curious how it is. So, on my trip to New Orleans, I bought a little three-pack of travel size shampoo, conditioner and oil. Guys, it changed my life. Let me spell it out for you –
Total cost of Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (8.5oz), Treatment Oil (3.5oz): $84
Total cost of Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (13oz), Treatment Oil (3.3oz): $22

3. Love t-shirt from Riffraff I wear this ALL.THE.TIME. To bed, with colored jeans, with leopard cardi, to workout, on road trips, on Dickson. Seriously, it looks cute always. You probably need one.

4. Hostess Cupcakes Did you know Hostess made the sweetest comeback in the history of ever? I’m not a Twinkie fan, but I do love me some Cupcakes. They also make me think of my grandfather, which is always a good thing. You should also check out hostessrecipes.com. Oh my gosh.

5. Dunkin’ Donuts Strawberry Shortcake Coffee This may look really weird, but it’s so worth a try. The first time I had it was at work. Someone was brewing it and the smell alone was amazing, then I tried some and it tasted even better than it smelled. We’ve been drinking it at home ever since. Hurry and go get some, because it’s limited time only!

6. Buzzfeed Why it’s taken me this long to catch onto this trend is beyond me. I’m totally obsessed and check the app a couple times a day. A few of my current favorites: 23 Times Mindy Kaling Perfectly Captured Your Angst30 Signs You’re Almost 30, 25 Ways to Tell You’re a Kid of the 90s

xo xo

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