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favorites, round 5.

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Things I love and want to share with you, so you can love them too.

  1. Onyx Coffee – Husband and I are officially coffee snobs. Every morning, we grind beans and make coffee using a french press. We’ve tried quite a few brands and let me tell you Onyx.Is.The.Best. Seriously, the coffee is sooo good. We prefer the more modern flavors versus traditional. (There’s a scale on the bag.) Also, now you can get an Onyx subscription where they mail you a new flavor every week or every two weeks. Of course we’ve already signed up. And you should too.
  2. Tan Physics – There once was a time when I was addicted to tanning beds, then I was addicted to spray tans (still am, but the price at my place doubled, so…) now I’m addicted to Tan Physics. Shoutout goes out to Mom who gave me my first bottle for Christmas. I was shocked how well it worked, and how quickly! I don’t think I’ve looked orange at all, it hasn’t looked weird on my ankles/elbows/knees, and it only has a very faint smell.
  3. Younger (TV Show) – This show is so cute! And funny! And Hilary Duff is in it! (Talk about nostalgia.) And the main guy is gorgeous and reminds me of Husband. What’s not to love?! Really though, you should check this show out. It’s about a 40-year-old (Sutton Foster) pretending to be a 26-year-old working in publishing in NYC. The millennials, and the millennial wannabes will love this.
  4. Quote Tees – For some reason I’m all about the graphic tees with quotes on them these days. I bought one from Target that says “But First, Coffee” and I’ve been wearing it nonstop around the house. Tomorrow I’ll break it out for my first barre class, and later in the season it will be perfect farmer’s market attire. Another one I bought recently – “Today calls for Tacos + Champagne.”
  5. Chi Hairdryer – I’ve always been the girl who fought spending money on a hairdryer. How could it be that much better than a $20 Revlon? Well, I’m here to tell you – my life has been changed. I used a really nice one when I was staying at someone’s house recently and couldn’t believe what it did to my hair. Since I purchased this one (Chi Rocket) two weeks ago, my hair drying time has been cut in half and I haven’t had to use my straightener once. My hairdresser also told me it’s so much better for my hair. I’d say that’s a win win.
  6. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – Another shoutout to Mom on this one. She gave me this for my birthday and I’ve been obsessed ever since. You spray it on your pillow before you go to bed and it helps you fall asleep faster. It’s lavender scent, so smells great (though a little overpowering if you use more than 1 spray). This combined with taking melatonin before bed, and I promise, you will sleep like a BABY.

xo xo

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