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11 Reasons “Pretty Little Liars” Is My New Obsession

{FYI – I’ve only watched the first two seasons, so I am NOT caught up. I repeat, I am NOT caught up. No spoilers please. Unfortunately I already know some, so no more!}

1. The fashion. Who dresses like that in high school? Scratch that. Who doesn’t wish they had dressed like that in high school? Or even post-high school??
2. Every single episode leaves me with another question and wanting more. (Case in point – the number of episodes I binge-watched Saturday, which I won’t tell you, but it was a lot.)
3. The four girls’ friendship through thick and thin (i.e. murders and swim meet championships) and their weekly gossip-fueled sleepovers.
4. Caleb is so bad boy dreamy. Fitz is so book nerd dreamy. Wren is so foreign dreamy. There’s a lot of dreamy.
5. The town square is the same set used as Gilmore Girls. (and we know I’m obsessed with anything GG)
6. Those texts from A are like a box of chocolate, you just never know what you’re gonna get.
7. It’s like Veronica Mars meets Desperate Housewives. Perfect.
8. The music change every time Jenna Marshall walks into a room and the looks all the girls immediately give each other, despite the fact that she isn’t doing anything … except walk into a room.
9. I can get my high school girl-crazy, hair-pulling bathroom fight and my front row seat to a murder investigation all in one place.
10. I don’t understand how/why this is on ABC Family, but that makes it even more scandalous.
11. Hidden lovers, hidden bodies, hidden secrets … what’s not to love??

“Only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”
xo xo

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10 Things I Missed Out On in College by Not Going Greek

Currently our summer shows include Parks & Rec and Game of Thrones, but before that there was Greek. Greek follows a college freshman as he decides to go from geek to Greek, much to the dismay of his popular sister in a sorority. It’s funny, it’s heart-warming and it makes you very nostalgic for your college days.

While I wasn’t in a sorority, I learned from the show several things I missed out on by not being in the greek system, for better or for worse.


1.  Secret/forbidden parties (especially those Great Gatsby themed in the basement)


2. Drama over rivalry houses

3. Crazy house mothers and b*tchy presidents


4. Sharing a bathroom with hundreds of girls

5. Hazing (including being duck-taped to a wall in the quad)

6. Annual spring break trips


7. Spending too much time and effort on functions/parties/competitions

8.  Everything that rush entails


9. Shots from an ice luge

10. Buttoning yourself and your house up for parent’s weekend


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