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A List of My Favorite Lists

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I like lists. A lot.

To-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, work lists, bucket lists, reading lists, etc.

I’ve just recently realized my fascination with lists. I like making lists because of the accomplished feeling after crossing things off the list. I like reading lists because of the organizing principle. I like going into something knowing exactly how long I’ll be reading.

I’ve written quite a few blog post lists: 10 Truths About Aquarians {aka me}, 10 Favorite High School Memories, 10 Teensy Things That Make Me Happy, Top 10 Movies of 2012, 10 Things I Want to Do in NYC, Thanks to Pop Culture, My Week in To-Do’s, The Book List, 15 Truths I’ve Learned from 15-Year-Olds

(It also seems like I like an even number of 10 … )

And I’ve shared a few Thought Catalog lists: 32 Things You Should Stop Caring About, 10 Greatest Quotes About Women, 42 Life Lessons from Mean Girls

And now my latest obsession, as you know, is Buzzfeed. So sharing a few of their lists as well: 21 Kids Who Will Definitely Change the World Someday, 26 Struggles of Being a Social Media Addict, 26 Perfect Responses to Ridiculous Facebook Posts

Anyway, now you know a fun fact about me. And if you want to know more, there’s a list for that. {10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me, but Should}